Anna Samoylova (1995) was born in Moscow, and she now lives and works in London. She graduated from the Moscow Academic Art School(2017) and the British Higher School of Design (2020).

Two important vectors of Samoilova's approach are exploring the national identity, the legacy of folk culture and everyday life, and the comprehension of the female and maternal role in the contemporary world and the past.

Fabric, embroidery, beadwork, and pearl jewelry, these materials that are so familiar to women, develop the artist's key themes. And letterpress techniques serve as a tribute to folk culture.

2023 - ‘Zug Zwang’, Group show, Foundry, Dubai

2022 - ‘Discovering North‘, Group show, Kargopol’ museum, Kargopol’

2022 - ‘Need Angels‘, Group show, Krivokolenny 9с3, Moscow

2022 - ‘Pole‘, Solo show, Haze gallery, Berlin

2022 - ‘The Russian. Folk‘, Group show, Rosizo, Moscow 

2022 - ‘False Milk‘, Solo show, MMOMA, Moscow 

2021 - ‘What Shall I Do With My Maiden’s Will?‘, Solo show, Archetype Auditorium, Moscow

2021 - ‘Prostranstvo / Space‘, Group show, Brodilniy zeh, Vinzavod, Moscow 

2021 - ‘Work Space: Untitled‘, Group show, Azot Gallery, Moscow

2021 - ‘You Are Not Alone‘, Group show, Lazymike Gallery, Moscow

2020 - ‘Tryn-trava‘, Group show, Rosizo, Moscow

2020 - ‘Other Life‘, Group show, Group Show, The Pereslavl-Zalessky Historical, Architectural and Art Museum – reserve, Pereslavl-Zalessky

2020 - ‘Mokosh’‘, Solo show, Betweenwindows gallery, Moscow

2020 - ‘The Void‘, Group show , The GirlGirlGirl gallery, Everart weekend, Moscow

2019 - ‘Look At You‘, Group show , Azot Gallery, Cube, Moscow

2019 - ‘Zanzibar‘, Solo show, Betweenwindows Gallery, Moscow