Alexandra Pasternak was born in 1991 in Moscow. In 2007, Alexandra entered the Moscow State Academic Art College of the Memory of 1905 where she studied Theatrical Set Painting, and graduated with honors in 2011. In 2010-2011 Alexandra worked as a prop-man (person in charge of stage properties) in Bolshoi Theatre workshops. From 2011 to 2018 she studied Stage Design at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) under Natalya Nesterova and Leonid Pisarev. Since 2014, Alexandra has been teaching art and design to children in London Gates Education Group (Moscow). Her artwork is owned in many private collections in Russia, Great Britain, and the United States. 


2007 - 2011 Moscow State Academic Art School named in memory of the year 1905

2011 - 2018 Russian Academy of Theatre Arts – GITIS


Alexandra Pasternak’s graciously rhythmic compositions stand out with their professed simplicity and immaculate organisation. Each of her canvases appear as thoughtfully chosen fragments of reality, where every element is placed within perfect harmony of each other. Flat, muted, yet masterfully precise colors give an immediate sensation of light, depth and multiplicity of planes, making her work fabulously alive despite the almost geometric order.

This theatricality is not accidental. With Pasternak being trained as a theatrical painter and stage designer, her vision and perception come from this experience, which she incorporates into her painting. Each of her canvases are akin to the staging of a drama scene in which the artist acts as a director, solving multiple challenges through the artistic means of color and shape, flat plane and field of space. This combination of simplicity, deduction, generalisation and attention to detail in Pasternak’s work is the precondition for its eloquence.

Solo Exhibitions 

2020 Young artists art-show «Blazar», Moscow, Russia

2019 «Library», Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2019 «The Air», Totibadze Gallery, Moscow 

2017 «Spring is coming soon», Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow

2015 «Deciduous, needle-shaped», Mart Project, Moscow

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2020 Private art-show at Totibadzes, Tbilisi, Georgia

2019 International art-show DA!MOSCOW, Moscow, Russia

2019 «Library», Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2018 «Man and Space», Kvartira S Gallery, Sanary-Sur-Mer, France

2017 «Come back home», IRRI, Moscow, Russia

2016 «Spree is somewhere», Totibadze Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2015 «It is snowing», Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2014 «Gifts», Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2014 Youth exhibitions of Theatre Arts «Your chance», «Wedge 5», Moscow, Russia

2014 Charitable auction «Children's hearts»,Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 Youth exhibitions of Theatre Arts «Your chance», «Wedge 5», Moscow, Russia