Residing and working in Moscow, the main motifs found in Misha Nikatin’s paintings are urban landscape, modern architecture, the aesthetic of simple things, and quotidian routines.

Inspired by photos posted on social media, Nikatin masterfully articulates these images into another dimension and offers a fresh perspective.

2020 ‘Collectible Art. Merging Art & Design’, Richter, Moscow

2020 ‘Days of Lonely People’, Virtual Experience, Everywhere

2019 ‘Look At Yourself’, Azot Gallery, Moscow

2019 ‘On the Road’, Tallinn Portrait Gallery, Tallin

2019 ‘At Valeras’, Azot Gallery, Moscow

2019 ‘Morning’, Between the windows Gallery, Moscow

2013 ‘Sacred Love, Divine, etc.’, CCI Fabrika, Moscow

2012 ‘In Fresh Air’, Artplay, Moscow

2012 ‘Into the Unknown’, Central Artists House, Moscow

2012 ‘Camoscapes’, Random Gallery, Moscow